6 Factors to look for in Investing a Property in Singapore

People always say buy properties with good location. But is good location the only factor? How do you define a good location? What are some factors to look for when investing a property in Singapore?

The above article will highlight the most important 6 factors to consider when investing a property in Singapore that will ensure that property price will goes up.

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In Summary,

-Capital Appreciation higher in suburban districts (RCR & OCR)

Choose property in the Rest of Central Region and Outside of Central Region in 2019. Looking at the Property Price Index (PPI), you will see that the RCR and OCR are very undervalued as compared to the OCR region. These are the areas with potential higher growth.

-Locations earmarked for major redevelopments offer higher returns

Looking at the current Masterplan 2019, choose areas are that undergoing redevelopments

-New Projects offer higher returns

Newer projects such as new launches offer higher return. The downside? You have to wait a while before you can rent it out.

-Homes close to FUTURE MRT stations hold higher returns

Looking at the Transport Masterplan, the new MRT line in the next 10 years will be the cross island MRT line or the Thompson MRT line. Properties near the future MRT lines are sure bet winners.

-Best are sites at least 1 year before MRT completion

Another factor to consider when investing a property in Singapore is to make sure that the MRT are still under construction with a minimum period of 1 year. the longer the better. When the infrastructure is up and running, you will start to see price start to run up!

-Good Schools

Why do certain location has consistent high transaction volume? Because there is a high exchange of hands. People like to stay near good schools because 1. Their child have a higher chance of entering the school. 2. After 4-6 years, they will upgrade and move on. There is a consistent market for it as once their child grows up, they would want to move to other more favourable location hence the holding period of their property has a shorter life cycle of 4-6 years.

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