This video will discuss on the Singapore Property Market Update on H2 of 2019

Would you like to know about how the Singapore Property Market update is for the second half of 2019? Watch this thorough explanation about Singapore’s Vacancy Rates, Will a Crisis be coming? Will there be a Property Bubble Coming? Where are the next Hotspot in Singapore? FH vs 99 LH. What the video below to learn more!

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Singapore Property Market Video Summary

04:40 – Vacancy Rates

What is the overall vacancy rates as compared to other years? Are we having too high of a vacancy rate or at a normal pace?

08:50 – Will a Crisis be coming?

We shall look at the supply and demand for Singapore property market and the Property Price Index (PPI) to determine the future of Singapore property market.

17:30 – Will there be a Property Bubble Coming?

Again, here we will look the the supply and demand, PPI to determine if there is a property bubble and if there is, when will it be and how we can avoid it.

25:10 – Where are the next Hotspot in Singapore?

Looking at the URA masterplan, where are the hotspots in Singapore for maximum growth and return.

52:50 – FH vs 99 LH

We will be using the Private Residential Property Price Index from 2016 to 2019 to discuss on the fluctuations of the property price in Singapore.

Singapore Residential Property Price Index 2019 | SG Luxury Condo

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