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    While most Singaporeans know the potential of investing in properties, they are often held back by the lack of knowledge, or worst, misconceptions. Most think that they need a huge capital to start investing and always suffered from the fear of not being able to service the mortgage.

    And if an aspiring investor decides to take the first step, they believe that any new launch will make them money, as made popular by too many agents.

    So what they do is to rush down to a showroom and buy any units, with these fatal mistakes:

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    Private Properties Are Safe Haven During Economic Downturns

    Here's the huge disclaimer.

    XXX Do Not Buy Any Properties Without Consulting The Real Experts XXX

    With that out of the way, here's 2 main reasons why private properties are safe investment havens

    1. HDB prices are stagnant or going down

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    When the government announced in March 2017 that only 4% of old HDB will be eligible for SERS (En-bloc), this made Singaporeans realised that their ‘iron rice bowl’ isn’t that stable after all.

    This is why since 2013, prices of HDB has been steadily declining and never recovered as compared to private properties.

    2. It's A Cycle

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    In real estate, timing is everything.

    Real estate prices follow a cyclical pattern of ups and downs. There are periods of stagnation followed by rapid increases.

    Timing your decisions to buy and sell property is the key to maximising profits. Experts usually do so by studying the fluctuations of prices within the real estate cycle.

    Whether you are a homeowner, investor or a renter, it is important to understand how the property cycle works in order to make the most of your property.

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    Benjamin is a young local chap of 26 years old and looking for his first investment property. After discussing his finances, he decided to purchase a 1 bedroom for investment and also an option to either rent out in future or stay in the unit if the need arises.

    When the property TOP in early 2018, he rented it out for 6 months and decided to sell it so he can continue to purchase his second investment property.

    With a downpayment of $127,753, he made an overall $141,234, or a 22% overall growth. That’s a whopping 111% return of investment in 3 years!

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      I made $150,000 after selling my BTO and it turns out to be my biggest REGRET…

      Hi! My name is James Lim and besides being a real estate consultant, I’m also a property investor as well as a mathematician.

      Over the years. I’ve created the Property P.L.U.S System™ after reviewing over 1000s of properties and finding out which will make money and which will not.

      This system has enabled me and my clients to build wealth systematically through buying and selling the RIGHT properties throughout the years.

      But it didn’t start out rosy from Day 1.

      Like most young people, when I bought my first property in my twenties, I chose a BTO. My parents (and almost everyone else around me) had advised me to do it to point that I didn’t have to think, research and understand more about it.

      The saying was, no matter what, buy a BTO first.

      I had almost zero knowledge and plan for the first property I bought. I didn’t put many thoughts into it and didn’t know what options were there.

      I thought that ECs or condos were expensive and I didn’t want to spend so much

      In fact, I didn’t know much about my finances nor did I talk to many agents prior to the purchase.

      I bought it and lived happily in it for 9 years. When I finally decided to sell my BTO, I had made $150,000 worth of profits.

      Sounds good?

      Well, this turns out to be my greatest REGRET.

      So here’s what happened.

      2 months after I bought my first BTO in Tampines, an EC was launched.

      I had absolutely no idea about it and it turns out that by paying only about $100K more, I could have bought that EC.

      My finances during that time were perfectly capable of paying for it but I had no knowledge at all.

      And in about 7 years (2 years prior to my selling of the BTO), the EC had already made over $300,000 – twice as much and in less time!

      I could have made an additional $150,000 while spending 2 years less if I had chosen to buy the EC back then.

      It was only then I realise that ignorance I had when I purchase my first property.

      But that wasn’t the only thing.

      When I bought my first investment property, I made $150,000 within 3 years… just 1/3 of the time it took compared to the BTO.

      Maybe to some, this doesn’t sound like much of a difference…

      But think about this:

      For the majority of people, how many “property cycles” can we go through in our lifetime?

      Are we accumulating wealth systemically so that we fully optimize how much we can make using properties?

      And after years of looking at over 1,000s of properties and helping my clients and myself invest in properties have, I came up with the P.L.U.S System™.

      This system has enabled me and my clients to build wealth systematically through buying and selling the RIGHT properties throughout the years.

      How I wish I could have met someone like myself back then.

      I would have made may property decisions differently and could have accumulated much more wealth in a shorter period of time.

      I don’t want other people to have the same regrets as I’ve had.

      And that is why I share my P.L.U.S System™ with you.

      Of course, everyone’s at a different stage of their property journey and could have very different goals.

      But the fundamentals stay the same.

      You need to first have an understanding of your current financials and have a clear and sound plan.

      If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

      In fact, the P.L.U.S System™ includes a 5, 10, 15 years roadmap to walk you through until you retire. This plan is safe, systematic and clear and tells you what you should do/ buy at every stage

      The objective is to ensure that you can accumulate at least $1.5-2 million of cash when you retire while having a roof over your head.

      Do yourself a favor and learn this system and plan your property roadmap.

      Take action now. .



      Take advantage of this huge opportunity and finally create a safety net that will also grow your wealth and get ahead today. In 45 minutes, you’ll discover how:

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        “James is one of the most professional and responsible property agents i have met. He knows all kinds of property buying and selling processes that helped me a lot to quickly find our dream home and finalize the purchase. James has always been very patient and also very proactive to meet all our requirements as well as giving us professional advises. Thank you James.” Aaron Xiao Yu -Homebuyer

        “We would like you to know that you have an exceptional member in your team, Mr James Lim. We recently ended our year long search for our perfect new home. Thanks to James, whose remarkable “can do” optimistic spirit made our dreams come true. The entire process, from contacting James to viewing the unit and finally closing the deal, was so smooth that it felt like a dream. All thanks to James’s enthusiasm in his work. He is not only well versed in his line of work, he is efficient, helpful, obliging and totally committed to his job.
        It is our great pleasure to deal with him and we wish him all the best! If the quality of a company’s employees is an indication of success, then Knight Frank is definitely ensured of continued prosperity!”

        Ryan and Jasmine

        SG Luxury Condo | Singapore Luxury Apartment for Sale
        Jason SG Luxury Condo | Singapore Luxury Apartment for Sale
        James Lim helped me buy my second dream home in just 20 days and with a 10% discount. I am extremely happy with his efficiency, as I had almost given up my hope with other agents. I highly recommend James and his team for their stellar service! Jason Tan -Homebuyer
        James helped me to buy an investment property. He is highly recommended for his effort, the time he takes to understand his client’s requirement, answering all queries, and getting attractive pricing and completing all paperwork. James is different from others as he creates a giving relationship during the entire period of looking around and decision making to buy the property. I also recommend him for his integrity and soft-spoken nature. Malavika Shanker -Investor
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        My Mission is to customize a sound property wealth creation plan for my clients.

        This plan is Client-Centric & Highly Personalized.

        This plan derived for client to exit and/or upgrade their property portfolio with 2 Aims:

        • To Enrich client’s property wealth, and to fulfil their upgrading dream, with a peac3 of mind through intelligent financial solutions.
        • To attain client’s financial goals through real estate with in-depth analysis, whilst carefully balancing commitment with a strong safety net.
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