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We make it a point to understand your current property scenario and future plans. As we conduct this, we analyse your current loan, age, budget, nationality and other factors. With this, we can assess and identify growth opportunities that can be converted to a high return of investment.

Our consultations are based on the current ABSD (additional buyer’s stamp duty), with varying rates for Singaporeans, PRs and expatriates. That is why it is so important for you to know where you stand. Don’t let your position define your property limitations, let us help you define your position.

We work with you to explore a comprehensive list of the different scenarios that we can propose for your needs. This may include the process of decoupling for couples to gain eligibility for owning multiple properties.

To fully understand and build an effective property portfolio for you, we can also discuss financial ratios, housing instalments and financial planning in our free consultation.

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