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The Property Market moves in a cycle that investors need to consider, so as to maximise their profits. Namely, the 4 biggest contributing factors affecting the property market is the stock market, annual GDP growth, volume of transaction, Government Land Sales and Enbloc Sales.

Patterns of price fluctuations can be analysed and predicted depending on when they happen and what circumstances they happen in. But leave the studying and heavy-duty analysis to us. You just tell us the property you want.

If stock market is bullish, property price index will also be bullish. This is because the Singapore Straits Times Index is heavily influenced by the banking, construction and property blue chips; a strong indication that property prices will be affected by these business sectors.

Higher prices of lands

Higher pricing for consumers and new properties

Increase in Singapore’s overall properties

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Property, like any other product is heavily influenced by supply and demand. When there is a high volume of transaction, there is a high demand for property which leads to higher pricing. 

The Singapore government’s cooling measures are implemented to predict the rises and falls, in order to maintain a sustainable property market.

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